Overland Park Wood Rot is a licensed contractor bringing over 30 years of construction knowledge to The Remodeling Community. Overland Park Wood Rot is fully insured and licensed Johnson County contractor, doing business as Residential Remodeling Services sense 1999. Overland Park Wood Rot has created an outstanding addition to the contractor remodeling community and will be an asset on all your home remodeling projects. Overland Park Wood Rot specializes in wood rot to exterior siding, trim, windows, doors, screened in porches and deck repairs. For a FREE estimate call Overland Park Wood Rot today 913-406-8645

Wood Rot Repair

Wood does not only rot because it’s wet. Wood Decay is caused by water and FUNGUS, which triples itself every year producing spores which spread throughout your home.

Stucco repair may look easy, and it is. The hard part is matching the color and finish to the rest of your home. And Johnson County Wood Rot is an expert at this. With the nasty damage wood rot can do to your home, at least you won’t have to worry about the end results with Residential Remodeling, because ***Only the best materials and methods are Used***

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Deck Repair

We can handle anything from a rotted board to an entire rebuild. Sometimes the damage can be easily repaired. This can save you money and peace of mind.

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Previous Projects

Joe takes pride in his projects and always goes the extra mile to make sure his customers are happy. I can’t imagine having anyone else work on my home.

I found his work and attention to detail to be exceptional and highly recommend his services.

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